Florida Shark Diving has been featured on popular networks like Shark Week, the Discovery Channel, NBC, Animal Planet and National Geographic.
Florida Shark Diving assists with oceanic film crews and media projects for documentary or commercial films in any capacity needed. Image of a camera with link to the film crews page of Florida Shark Diving
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Florida Shark Diving has been seen on Shark Week, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic, and much more!

Florida Shark Diving Trips

Join us for an exhilarating adventure in the water with Florida’s impressive shark species!

We offer Cage and Free Dive Adventures Daily!

Daily Trip Times

8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

1:15 PM – 4:15 PM

Dive Trip Costs

$195.00 per person.
(Tax Included)
Up to 6 total guests.

Swim with Florida’s Apex Oceanic Predators!

Florida has the highest concentration of large sharks along it’s surrounding coastline than anywhere else on the East Coast. On our Shark Diving Trips, we get you in the water with some of the largest predatory shark species in the ocean.

These trips take place beyond 3 miles from shore into the deep waters of the Gulf Stream. Here is a list of the sharks we routinely see on our shark dives: Tiger, Great Hammerhead, Scalloped Hammerhead, Bull, Dusky, Silky, Lemon, Sandbar, Blacktip, and Reef Sharks.

This is the trip for you if you’re looking for a world-class opportunity to come face to face with sharks on their turf.

The waters in our diving zones are perfect for diving with water visibility consistently ranging from 40′ – 100′ and water temps ranging from the mid-70’s to mid-80’s.

We work hard on these trips to get sharks to the boat and get you in the water for a first-class shark dive. Our boat, cage, and equipment are designed to give you the best shark diving experience possible.

These trips are tailored for either the experienced shark diver or a shark diving novice looking to get in the cage for the first time. For more information on our shark diving trips check out the rest of the site and give us a call or email for more information.

Sharks Encountered: Tiger, Great Hammerhead, Scalloped Hammerhead, Bull, Dusky, Silky, Lemon, Reef, Sandbar, Spinner, Blacktip, Mako, and More.

For more information or to book a trip don’t hesitate to email or call us and we’ll get you the information you need.

We See Sharks on Every Trip!

Bringing you up close and personal

You don’t need to be scuba diving certified.
All diving is on snorkel.

All dive equipment is provided in Med- XXL sizes along with Iced Water & Sports Drinks.

An image of a friendly shark inviting you to Come Dive with Us at Florida Shark Diving!

We are located at U-Tiki Beach Marina at the Address Below:


1095 North A1A
Jupiter, FL

Located just 30 minutes north of Ft. Lauderdale

Located just an hour north of MIAMI